Clients of the CBS API will currently be able to search on hotel rooms, apartments and sightseeing tours.  For each of these requests they will need to supply the search criteria as explained later in the document and expect to receive a response containing details of the available items. 

Search Requests

The API will process the following price and/or allotment search requests: -

  • SeachHotelPriceRequest – search for availability & prices for hotels/hotel rooms.
  • SearchHotelPricePaxRequest – search for availability and prices for hotels/hotel rooms based on number of passengers per room.
  • SearchApartmentPriceRequest – search for availability & prices for available units within an apartment complex.
  • SearchSightseeingPriceRequest – search for availability & prices for sightseeing tours.
  • SearchTransferPriceRequest – search for availability & prices for transfers.
  • SearchHotelAvailabilityRequest – search for availability for hotels/hotel rooms.
  • SearchHotelRoomsPriceRequest – search for availability & prices for all hotels/hotel room type.
  • HotelPriceBreakdownRequest – Search for the HotelPriceBreakdown.
  • ApartmentPriceBreakdown – Search for the ApartmentPriceBreakdown.
  • SightseeingPriceBreakdown – Search for the SightseeingPriceBreakdown. 

Search Responses

There will be a corresponding search response for each of the search requests listed above: -

  • SearchHotelPriceResponse – A list of hotels with available rooms.
  • SearchHotelPricePaxResponse – A list of hotels with available rooms which address the number of passengers per room requested
  • SearchApartmentPriceResponse – A list of apartment complexes with available units.
  • SearchSightseeingPriceResponse – A list of available sightseeing events.
  • SearchTransferPriceResponse – A list of available transfers.
  • SearchHotelAvailabilityResponse – A list of hotels/hotel rooms, indicating the dates they are available and the dates they are unavailable.
  • SearchHotelRoomsPriceResponse – A list with the pr availability & prices for all hotels/hotel room type
  • HotelPriceBreakdownResponse – A list of HotelPriceBreakdown per room per night.
  • ApartmentPriceBreakdownResponse– A list of the ApartmentPriceBreakdown per night.
  • SightseeingPriceBreakdownResponse– A list of the  SightseeingPriceBreakdown per night.

Please refer to the API Architecture document and the Response section in this document for a more detailed explanation.

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