Apartment Price Breakdown

This module has now been phased out and will no longer be supported.

The Apartment Price Breakdown provides the client with a price breakdown for a given apartment. The client must specify search parameters to identify the price breakdown required. 

Example XML Apartment Price Breakdown request

The XML message below gives a sample of the expected elements needed by the API to execute an Apartment Price Breakdown Request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<RequestorID Client="1483" EMailAddress="M@C.IE" Password="m" />
		<RequestorPreferences Language="en" Currency="GBP">
			<ApartmentUnit Code="1C" NumberOfCots="1"/>
				<ItemSupplement Code="WF" Quantity="2"/>
				<ItemSupplement Code="FC" Quantity="1"/>
Source parameters

Please refer to the API Architecture document.

Apartment Price Breakdown parameters

This request will be used to retrieve the apartment price breakdown for the given search criteria. The following sub-elements must be specified: 




Mandatory. Specifies the city for the Item.


Mandatory. Specifies the item (apartment) for which the price breakdown is required.


Mandatory. Defines the check-in day and either the check-out day or the duration of stay.


Mandatory. Apartment unit type required.  Optional attribute number of cots.


Optional.  Include supplements for the price breakdown.  There can be multiple supplements for an item.

Example XML Apartment Price Breakdown response

The XML message below gives a sample of that given by the API in response to an Apartment Price Breakdown Request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Response ResponseReference="34567">
	<ResponseDetails Language="en">
				<ItemCity Code="LON"><![CDATA[London]]></ItemCity>
				<Item Code="ONE"><![CDATA[ONE THIRTY QUEENSGATE]]></Item>
				<ItemPrice Currency="GBP" Gross="1678.25" Available="false" />
						<ApartmentUnit Code="1C">
							<UnitPrice Code="1678.25" />
									<Price Nights="7" Gross="239.75" />
							<ItemSupplement Code="WF" Price="15.50" Quantity="2">
								<![CDATA[Welcome Food Basket]]>

Apartment Price Breakdown response parameters

The API will return the following Booking level sub-elements:




The city name, the Code attribute specifies the GTA city code for the item.


The item name, the Code attribute specifies the GTA code for the item.


The booking item price information. Contains the following attributes:

  • Currency – the currency ISO code of the price information.
  • Gross.

NOTE: If the Available=”false” attribute is shown this price shows the total for the days for which the corresponding rooms can be priced.

  • Available – this shows as false when performing an ApartmentPriceBreakdownRequest and the apartment is not available or cannot be priced for part of the Period of Stay requested.


Apartment item details. See Apartment Item section.

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