User Test Cases


The aim of these test plans is to analyse whether the interface is handling the communication between the client’s system and Gullivers’ reservation system correctly.

We have devised these plans to cover the main functions of the system in order to highlight any areas that may need further investigation or development on the client’s side. Not all test cases may apply to each specific integration; i.e.: some clients may not want to work with on request items and will therefore have to leave out those test cases. The intent of this document is to make you aware of areas we believe are important to a successful XML integration. Whilst these are key areas it is not our intention to suggest that this is a complete list and there will be other areas that need to be covered in your integration.

If you would like us to check you results then please add the API booking ID at the bottom of each test case and we will be happy to provide feed-back and validate the results. If you encounter any unexpected results during your testing and need us to check out logs then please contact us immediately as most of the XML messages on our demo/staging environment are only being stored for 24 hours. Booking messages are being stored for 2 weeks.

User Test Cases (Hotel Module)

User Test Cases (Transfer Module)


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