Special Offers

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Response ResponseReference = "REF_P_028_6-1290184148775">
    <ResponseDetails Language = "en">
                    HasExtraInfo = "true"
                    HasMap = "true"
                    HasPictures = "true">
                    <City Code = "VIE"><![CDATA[Vienna]]></City>
                    <Item Code = "SEN"><![CDATA[SENATOR HOTEL]]></Item>
                        <Location Code = "01"><![CDATA[Ringstrasse]]></Location>
                        <HotelRoom Code = "DB" NumberOfRooms = "1"/>
                        <RoomCategory Id = "001:SEN">
                                Currency = "GBP"
                                GrossWithoutDiscount = "216.00"
                                IncludedOfferDiscount = "54.00">162.00</ItemPrice>
                            <Offer Code = "FNT">Free Night(s)</Offer>
                            <Confirmation Code = "IM"><![CDATA[AVAILABLE]]></Confirmation>
                                <Basis Code = "B"><![CDATA[Breakfast]]></Basis>
                                <Breakfast Code = "H"><![CDATA[Hot Buffet]]></Breakfast>

Special Offer Codes

 This is the definition of the offer code parameter by our schema:

<xsd:complexType name="t_Offer">
			<xsd:extension base="t_Name">
				<xsd:attribute name="Code" type="t_OfferCode" use="optional"/>

<xsd:simpleType name="t_OfferCode">
		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
			<xsd:maxLength value="10"/>

The value of the code will vary for the different offers but the most common codes which are currently being returned for special offers are: 

FNT    =       Free Night(s)

FNN    =       Free Night(s), Meals Not Included

EB                =       Early Bird Offer

LM                =       Last Minute Offer

MN               =       Minimum Night Discount Offer

FN                =       Free Night Offer

If an offer with FNN or DSN code applies, the meals will not be included for the free night, therefore the passenger will have to pay locally (for the free night only) for breakfast or any other meals included, even if the price returned with a <SearchHotelPriceResponse> includes meals for the nights for which the full price has been charged.

Specifying Offers

 We do not advise via the XML API which night or how many nights are free or confirmed with a discounted price and suggest that you display the cost saving in the same or similar way we do on our own web sites:

Breakdown Of Discount For Multiple Rooms

 If you request more than one room we currently only advise the total discount for the booking.

Testing Special Offers

If you would like to test the special offer processing on our stage environment you will find the data in the cities of Munich (GTA city code ‘MUC’) and Copenhagen (GTA city code ‘CPH’).





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