Passenger Information


The following is important information in regards to passenger names: 

  • You should always provide the full first name and surname as well as titles of all passengers travelling
  • If this is not possible 'TBA ' can be used, but the lead name should always be advised in full 

If not all passenger full names have been advised in the booking, passengers might experience problems at check-in at the hotel or when trying to join their sightseeing tour. GTA will not take any responsibility and will not provide any compensation should this happen. The only exceptions are transfers and private sightseeing tours where it is sufficient to only provide one passenger name.


It is mandatory to assign a pax ID to each passenger. It is also necessary that each room in turn is assigned the correct number of Pax Ids. For example, it is not possible to book a double room and only assign one pax ID.

It is also not possible to assign a child to pax ID 1; pax ID 1 MUST always be an adult. Additionally, within the rooming list for hotel and apartment items, the child MUST occupy the position assigned to the extra bed; e.g.: if booking a double room with an extra bed the child must be the third pax ID within the rooming list. If placing a booking for 1 adult + 2 children in a TB or DB room with extra bed, one of the children will be considered as an adult and in order to get the most competitive price it is recommended to add the PaxId for the adult first, followed by the PaxId for the oldest child and then the PaxId for the youngest child.

 It is also important to note, that when amending a booking, the same passengers assigned to the original pax Ids should ALWAYS be kept. If, for example less passengers are travelling, do NOT remove some passengers from the pax ID list and re-assign pax Ids for the remaining passengers. Keep the original pax IDs and simply make the change within the <ModifyBookingItemRequest> message.


In order to receive the correct prices, it is very important that any <SearchHotelPriceRequest>, <AddBookingRequest> <HotelPriceBreakdownRequest>, <SearchChargeConditionsRequest> and <SearchHotelPricePaxRequest> is being sent with the correct passenger residency. The residency is the country where the customer lives in, not the passport they hold.  If a booking is placed with the incorrect information customers could face problems upon check-in at the hotel. The 'Country' attribute will need to be used to add the passenger residency; information on this attribute can be found in the paragraph 3.3.2 under Specifications/API Architecture.

If IP address recognition is used to identify the passenger residency, you could be sending the wrong country information through to us as the passenger might be connected to the internet via an IP address that is not registered in his country of residence and therefore the wrong country code will be passed.

In those cases where passengers face inconvenience or have to pay charges on the spot upon check-in due to the wrong country of residence being passed through with the XML <AddBookingRequest> GTA will not be liable for any compensation claims resulting from this and will not cover any additional cost; these will be passed on to you.


Hotels, apartments and scheduled sightseeing tours

You will only be able to request bookings for up to 9 people travelling together at a time (that includes children who occupy extra beds but does not include infants occupying baby cots). Bookings for more than 9 passengers will be rejected.

Private transfers and tailor-made sightseeing tours

When booking a private transfer or a tailor-made sightseeing tour it is possible to request bookings for up to 99 people travelling together at a time (this includes children). In this case it is only necessary to specify one passenger name and ‘PaxId’; the following request for 12 passenger but only one ‘PaxId’ will return a valid response:

            <PaxName PaxId = "1"><![CDATA[Smith Mr T]]></PaxName>
            <BookingItem ItemType = "transfer">
                <ItemCity Code = "RIG"/>
                <Item Code = "000327821006"/>
                                <Airport Code = "LGW"/>
                            <ShipName>Black Prince</ShipName>
                        <Vehicle Code = "MB" MaximumPassengers = "12"/>

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