Currencies, Commission, Taxes and Fees


It is possible to request prices in different currencies by adding the relevant attribute to the XML request within the <RequestorPreferences> parameter:

            Country = "GB"
            Currency = "EUR"
            Language = "en">

Only ISO codes (ISO 4217 format) will be accepted for the ‘Currency’ attribute.

The attribute is optional and if it is not specified, the default currency for the client will be used. This will usually be the official currency for the country the client is based in

It is possible to be invoiced in a different currency than the one in which the bookings are placed in. This requires a discussion and agreement from GTA. Please contact our sales team if you would like to know more about this.

Due to legal and financial limitations and constraints we a not able to trade and invoice in all available currencies and clients will only be permitted to use a limited number of currencies. For more details regarding this please contact our sales team who will be able to advise exactly which currencies can be used within each market.

Currency Conversion

Under certain circumstances we may apply a safety margin to our currency conversions. In order to get the most competitive prices it is therefore often advantageous to request prices in the currency we contract in (where possible) and perform the currency conversion at the client’s end where necessary. A list of contract currencies by country can be obtained from our sales teams.

Net Vs. Gross (Commissionable) Prices

If you have been set up on our system with commissionable rates then only the gross rate is being returned when the initial XML request is sent to check availability and rates. When the item is confirmed the system will return the gross rate, commission percentage and the net amount with the <BookingResponse>. If you have not been set up with commissionable rates then only the net prices will be returned.

 t is possible to receive different prices for different modules; e.g.: net prices for hotels and commissionable prices for Sightseeing tours.

Taxes & Fees

In general the prices we return are inclusive of all taxes and fees and we only return the total price. We do not include a breakdown of tax information in our prices as we do not pay tax in this way. We pay via the Tour Operators Margin scheme not an amount per booking. The one exception are charges that have to be paid by the customers on the spot. These are returned with the <EssentialInformation> parameter. For further details on this please refer to the Essential Information document.

Payment Options

We currently offer the following payment options:

 A.   Credit Account

All bookings will be made on a credit basis (providing the relevant commercial agreement is in place) invoices will be issues by us in regular intervals (usually after the bookings have passed) requesting payment within an agreed period.

 B.   Prepayment Account

 I. All bookings have to be paid at time of creation.

II.All bookings have to be paid by a certain date prior to the first arrival or tour date or the last day on which a cancellation free of charge is still possible, whichever is the earlier.



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