Bookings within the GTA system will be made available through the API. The client will be allowed to make requests to add new bookings, modify, cancel existing bookings and inquire upon existing bookings

When adding a booking, one or more booking Items must exist within the booking request. For example a booking could be made up of a hotel item and a number of sightseeing items.

Any non-inquiry booking requests (i.e.: not a “Search” type request) will be processed asynchronously and if a SYNCHRONOUS request is attempted it will be converted to an ASYNCHRONOUS request. The only exception are AddBooking requests for single item bookings that have immediate availability. These can also be sent in a SYNCHRONOUS mode.

All ASYNCHRONOUS requests will be returned a unique Response Reference. Refer to the API Architecture document for more detail.

Booking Structure

Each booking will consist of a number of unique booking references and departure date. It will have a booking name, pricing information and a current booking status. It will also have a collection of one or more passengers and booking items. 

Booking Requests

The API will process the following booking level requests: -

  • AddBookingRequest - add a new booking. The request must include at least one item.
  • ModifyBookingRequest – modify an existing booking
  • CancelBookingRequest – cancel an existing booking.
  • SearchBookingRequest – retrieve a list of bookings for the given Booking Search Criteria.

The API will process the following booking item level requests: -

  • AddBookingItemRequest – add a new booking item within a booking. 
  • ModifyBookingItemRequest – modify an existing booking item within a booking. 
  • CancelBookingItemRequest – cancel a booking item within a booking. 
  • SearchBookingItemRequest – retrieve a list of booking items for the given Booking Item Search Criteria. 

Booking Responses

The API will automatically generate response(s) to a booking request each time an item within the booking changes its status.

Please refer to the API Architecture document and the Response section in this document for a more detailed explanation.

Booking Items

The API will process the following item types: -

  • Hotel
  • Apartment
  • Sightseeing
  • Transfer

The characteristics of each item type are described in their respective section.

Receiving automatic updates for bookings

For booking requests it will be possible for the client to receive updates that occur subsequent to the initial booking response (the API will automatically “push” updates to the client - please refer to the API Architecture document for more detail).

For example the following message issues an add booking, which will be logged to the database. Any updates relating to the booking will be automatically “pushed” back to the client using the given ResponseURL.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            Client = "123456"
            EMailAddress = ""
            Password = "clientPassword"/>
        <AddBookingRequest>++++ booking 1 parameters</AddBookingRequest>



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