Search Area

All requests will need to be sent in a SYNCHRONOUS mode; any requests sent in an ASYNCHRONOUS mode will return an error.

The Search Area provides the client with static data relating to areas held within the GTA system. The API will provide an area name along with the unique code used by GTA to identify the area.

Example XML Search Area request

The XML message below gives a sample of the expected elements needed by the API to execute a Search Area Request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<RequestorID Client="123456" EMailAddress="" Password="clientPassword" />
    <RequestorPreferences Language="en">

Source parameters

Please refer to the API Architecture document.

Search Area parameters

A Search Area request can contain optional parameters to filter the areas returned: - 




Optional. If specified all areas containing the given characters will be returned.

Note: Area Names are not case sensitive.


Optional. If specified the area details for the single code will be returned.  N.b. area codes always use GTA coding.

Example XML Search Area response

The XML message below gives a sample of that given by the API in response to a Search Area Request.

Search Area response parameters

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Response ResponseReference="200004">
	<ResponseDetails Language="en">
				<Area Code="ABZ"><![CDATA[Aberdeen & Region]]></Area>
				<Area Code="BEL"><![CDATA[Belfast & Region]]></Area>


A Search Area response will return the following for each area found for the request parameters: -




The area name.

In the language requested (if available).






The unique code held by GTA

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