Static data

Some data changes infrequently and can therefore be cached locally by the API Client in order to meet the required traffic-to-book ratio. The following types of static data will be needed to make other types of XML request (e.g. a Hotel Information request):

Static Data Type



Australia’ or ‘Romania’.


London’ or ‘Boston


Olympia’ or ‘Marriott’

It is expected that client systems will retrieve all static data, cache it locally and refresh it regularly.   

Codes recognised by the API

Many of the parameters required within XML requests made to the API will initially be unknown to the clients’ systems. To overcome this issue, the API will make available various static data requests through which the corresponding codes will be supplied.

For example if a client requests a city search (for a particular country), they will be returned a list of city codes along with their respective city names. When required, it will be these city codes that must be used as part of any future XML request – such as a hotel search for a city.

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