Quick implementation guide

In order to get familiar with GTA's API it is strongly recommended to read the API Architecture. Next recommended step is to start sending I/O docs requests in order to get familiar with some of the requests for Content, Price and availability and Booking APIs.

Initially we recommend fetching static data using the Content API. We recommend getting familiar with Languages that we support, List of currencies, Room Types, Meal Types and then get the Country list, City list and Item (hotels) list in each destination.

Next step is to start getting price and availability responses. The two main requests are SearchHotelPriceRequest which you can use to search by room type and SearchHotelPricePaxRequest in order to search by Pax.

Last step is to implement the Booking API and the main request is AddBookingRequest which can be used for both room type based bookings and pax bookings.

For support questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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