Price And Availability API

It is intended to make the GTA search and booking facilities available to registered clients through an XML based interface.To achieve this an Application Programming Interface (API) will be provided to allow various types of client systems to integrate with the GTA system using a set of published XML messages defined using the XML Schema standards. Please refer to the API Architecture document for details on common XMl message proessing incouding message authentication and message modes.

Topics covered in the Price And Availability API document are
Search Hotel Price
Search Apartment Price
Search Sightseeing Price
Search Transfer Price
Search Car Prices
Search Hotel Availability
Booking Item Price Breakdown
Hotel Price Breakdown
Hotel Item
Apartment Price Breakdown
Apartment Item
Sightseeing Price Breakdown
Sightseeing Item
Search Hotel Rooms Price
Price and Availability Cache
Search Hotel Price Pax

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