One-time Preparation

GTA is a global leader in hotel distribution market offering 60,000 hotels worldwide including own sourced contracts and third parties. 

GTA's API is flexible enough to serve a wide range of clients, including distributors, tour operators, travel agencies, OTAs and app developers. A key aspect that impacted the industry is the meta searches which dramatically increased the search volumes that we see today. In order to better cope with this scenario, GTA recommends the cache API which allows clients to store locally large datasets containing pricing and availability information. Please bear in mind that the cache is available for new clients only and needs to be developed according to GTA's new platform. Documentation for the platform can be found here. The cache API specs can be found at this URL.  

GTA's API offers Destination Services besides hotels API. Please bear in mind that this API will be discountinued and relaunch on the new platform in Q4 2016. We are continuing to grow our supplier base and will expose these products using a top notch RESTful API. 

For more information about GTA's API please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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