What are the requirements for the XML API integration?
The message transfer is: HTTP(S) 1.1 (HTTP method = POST) The XML schema type is: W3C XML Schema Our XML API can be deployed in any environment that supports HTTP(S) and uses XML parsing. In addition a wide variety of languages and development toolkits can be used.

Where is the WSDL for this Web Service?
This is not a Web Service (SOAP, XML, etc.) and as such does not have a WSDL. All XML messages must be constructed as described in the API Architecture documentation and then these messages must be sent to the ListenerServlet URL using HTTP-POST.

What type of security is offered for the XML API?
All XML traffic is to be conducted via HTTPS, hence it is encrypted and secure. We also use three different parameters for authentication (client ID, email address and password) all three of which have to match the records on our systems before we allow the XML requests through our firewall. Additionally we validate source IP addresses. Traffic from unauthorized IPs will be rejected.

Does your integration adhere to the OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) standards or the HITIS (Hospitality Industry Technology Integration) standards for XML communication?
While we appreciate the benefits gained by using specifications that serve as a common language for travel-related terminology and a mechanism for promoting the seamless exchange of information across all travel industry segments we were not able to base our API onto the OTA or HITIS standards. This decision was taken due to the fact that many of the functionalities and data we offer were not covered by the OTA or HITIS standards at the time we were creating it.

Can the parameters within the GTA API be used in any order or do they have to be compiled in a specific order?
Our system was originally built to work with elements in a specific order due to limitations in the technology used at the time and therefore sequences were used. We now have many clients successfully using the system and the schema in its current form and we see no benefit in changing the schema as it would require extensive testing by us and our existing clients.

Will I get access to a GTA server to validate my code?
We will set up a test environment for the duration of 6 months for you and will advise you of the connection details. This will enable you to send XML test messages to our staging server. We expect you to finish the development within this time frame.

Is the data on the demo/staging server the same as on the production server?
Please note that the majority of data on the demo/staging server is dummy data and does not reflect the correct data that you will receive once you connect to our production systems.

Will there be changes to your XML API in the future?
Yes, we are continuously enhancing our application and occasionally there will be entire additional modules (XML requests) and additional parameters for existing requests and/or responses. We will notify you about any changes we make to our API in advance and will try our utmost to give you as much time as possible before installing any changes. In order to avoid any problems in the future we do recommend you write your application in a way that any new or unknown elements are NOT causing an error at your end but are being ignored. This is standard practice for most applications based on a parser.

Will I receive detailed information for the properties and services that I can book through the XML interface?
Yes, we will give you a certain amount of information for the items you can book through our interface. The amount of item information we will be returning to you will depend on various factors. If you would like to discuss this in further details please contact our sales team.

Is it possible to request both, the net and gross (selling) prices at the same time (as oppose to one or the other)?
If you have been set up on our system with commissionable rates then only the gross rate is being returned when the initial XML request is sent to check availability and rates. When the item is confirmed the system will return the gross rate, commission percentage and the net amount. If you have not been set up with commissionable rates then only the net prices will always be returned.

Is it possible to book an item with multiple rooms and different RoomCategory Id?
It is possible to book different room types but the XML Api does NOT allow you to specify different RoomCategory Id parameters within one item. In order to book multiple room categories it is therefore necessary to send a booking with multiple items for each category or separate bookings for each category.

How quickly can I ask for an update and possibly get a confirmation for an item with immediate availability (IM)?
If you select an item for which we have allotment (immediate availability) most of the time you should get the confirmed item status returned within a few seconds.

How quickly can I ask for an update and possibly get a confirmation on an item that is on-request (OR)?
If you selected an item that is on-request you will always get a pending status returned to you after 90 seconds as our staff need to first contact the supplier. Depending on the destination, the arrival date and the time you send us the request it may take anything between a few minutes and 48 hours until you receive a confirmation or rejection for your request.

What is the AgentReference for?
The AgentReference is for your own identification purpose only. We will, however, print the AgentReference on the invoices which may be useful for the consolidation of your payments.

Is it possible to hold a booking on option?
No, it is not possible to hold a tentative booking or quote. Once an AddBookingRequest is sent via XML, GTA will process the booking. The client will be liable to pay if payment is immediately required and will be liable for any cancellation charge which might apply if the booking is already within the cancellation deadline. Otherwise the booking can be cancelled at any time before the payment deadline or cancellation deadline becomes applicable.

Can a booking item status change after we have received a confirmation?
Yes it is possible for an item to change its status after confirmation; 2 examples are:

  • i) For a book-out scenario where the GTA operations team will need to change the hotel to another one.
  • ii) When for some reason you are unable to access your site and your staff asks our operations department to change your booking on your behalf, then the next time you are able to access your system you might find a different status.

Can you please advise when a booking item can be added to a booking and when not?
Please see below the cases where you can and cannot add booking items. The status always refers to the booking status and NOT the booking item status.

  • Status C - CONFIRMED - Booking items can be added
  • Status CP - CONFIRM. PENDING - Booking items can be added
  • Status X - CANCELLED - Booking items CANNOT be added
  • Status XP - CANCEL PENDING - Booking items CANNOT be added
  • Status P - PENDING - Booking items can be added

What is the maximum period a booking for hotels or apartments can be made for?
The maximum number of nights that can be requested and booked is 90 nights.

Is the BookingReference assigned by us to identify our booking unique across all Requestors? E.g.: if we assign a BookingReference of ‘1’ to one of our bookings and another client also assigns a BookingReference of ‘1’ to his booking, will that cause a problem?
No, this will not cause a problem. Because each client has his own unique client ID on our system, if a different client assigns the same BookingReference for his booking this will not generate an error back to you advising that the BookingReference has already been used as it would do when you would use a BookingReference that was already assigned by you previously.

Do you accept special characters (e.g.: ç, ã, á, ä Å, å, é, ü, î, Ø, ö, etc.), for example for passenger names?
We do accept special characters. You need to send the XML message as well as the HTTP-header as UTF-8. We do not accept non-ASCII characters.

Do you accept double-byte characters, for example for passenger names?
No, we do not accept double-byte characters.

Which Chinese languages do you support?
We support simplified Chinese (language code 'ZH') and traditional Chinese (language code 'ZZ').

Do you supply geo-codes (latitude and longitude coordinates; geographical codes to identify a point or area at the surface of the earth) for your properties?
Yes, we return geo-code information as part of the SearchItemInformationResponse.

Can you please give further explanations about the 'MaximumPossibleChargesShown' attribute that is being returned with the SearchChargeConditionsResponse?
The 'MaximumPossibleChargesShown' attribute is only ever being returned for ChargeCondition Type=”amendment” and never for ChargeCondition Type=”cancellation”. We never return MaximumPossibleChargesShown=“False”, but only MaximumPossibleChargesShown=“True”. We always give the maximum possible charge that might apply, regardless of the amendment type. At the time you send the SearchChargeConditionsRequest you cannot specify the various amendments that could possibly be performed for the booking item. If, for example, you reduce the booking item by a room or a night, charges may apply. Alternatively, if you extend the booking by a room, or an additional night, charges may not apply. Therefore, we will always advise you of the maximum charge that could possibly apply to the booking item for any type of amendment. The new value of the booking item plus the amendment charge can never exceed the original value of the booking item.

On a SearchHotelPriceResponse I get two RoomCategory parameters returned with exactly the same description but different prices; why is one of the room categories more expensive than the other?
In some SearchHotelPriceResponse messages you may find hotels that display room categories with exactly the same description; e.g.: 'Standard Room (2 Double Beds) Non Smoking' but different prices. This is related to the cancellation charges, the room with the higher price will usually have more flexible charge conditions while the room with the cheaper price will probably incur charges from the moment the booking becomes confirmed.

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